An interesting article I just read in Ebony magazine got me thinking a bit. Not that I don’t think about things conspiracy related all the time, it’s just that this is just a little different than your usual UFO, abduction or ghostly phenomenon. There have been rumors floating around the web for some time that the entire Katrina fiasco was nothing more than an elaborate government plan to harm minorities and reclaim valuable New Orleans property. If I know conspiracies there isn’t really anything you can do to stop this snowball and if true or not it will take a life of its own. There are strong beliefs that the Levees were intentionally breached by explosions. This still resonates throughout the web and on some news casts.

There are time lines of events that shed light on the gross mismanagement of the government. FEMA’s horrible response to Hurricane exercises it conducted which stated that any decently sized hurricane would breach the levee system and flood the city, the delay of military response and finding adequate evacuation methods for low income people and the Executive branches lazy care attitude about people dying on national TV. The government response was nothing less than malfeasance and practically everyone from the top down should have been fired.

Was it racism? There are different opinions about the subject. The civil defense officials admitted shortly after the disaster they had 10,000 body bags ready to deal with the worst-case scenario. With that planning in mind no one bothered to think about a way to evacuate low income people cut off from access to transportation and means of communication. Infirm and sickly residents were left to die while the most affluent population on the city fled in their SUV’s days before the disaster.

We may never truly know what went on there; we only hear the voices of those that were trapped in this disaster. Their stories tell a horrible tale of survival where help came too late. The comparison Ebony magazine made to the California wildfires is astonishing and left my eyes open to the inadequacies of one of the richest nations in the world. It could be that FEMA and the government has learned its lesson but for some reason I just don’t think so. The FEMA response to the fires was immediate.

“They died from abject neglect,” retorted community activist Leah Hodges. “We left body bags behind… The people of New Orleans were stranded in a flood and were allowed to die.”

Katrina (K) Vs. California Wildfire (CF)

  • Area: 181 square miles (K) 4,199 square miles (CF)
  • 68,000 to 143,000 destroyed homes (K) 2,175 destroyed homes (CF)
  • $8 to 10 billion in damage (K) Above $1 billion (CF)
  • At least 1,689 deaths (K) 8 (CF)
  • 67% black (K) 6% black (CF)

Great article in this months Ebony Magazine. If you want the entire statictics breakdown, check it out.
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