Who We Are                     What We Do

Reeferee Consulting Services was founded by concerned Rev. ShaShon Jenkins, an African American citizen, Minister and passionate activist. Reeferee has consulted with the best legal defense attorneys who wanted to make a difference in this war on cannabis and the war against Gods people. Our staff does research on government trends and reports issued surrounding cannabis arrests and prosecutions. At Reeferee we offer Court Expert Witness services for clients in need of Cannabis experts in all areas. We train and educate patients, management and providers on compassionate care methods to accommodate medical needs of their clientele. Reeferee consults in areas of Civil RICO Liability for investors interested in joining enterprise with other entities. As expected Reeferee Consults in areas of Product Procurement and associated risks.

Reeferee Consulting is a resourse for our members in the event they have encounters with Law Enforcement and get arrested for cannabis related charges. Reeferee offers assistance with locating you a doctor close to where you live and getting you the help you need within your states medical cannabis laws. Reeferee acts as a custodian of record, documenting medical and religious users of cannabis for lawful authority. WE provide that for an affirmative defense when you are arrested in state, Federal, or local cases. Religious Liberty laws may apply*such as the RFRA and provide for a defense to present in federal court, state and municipal courts* Your constitutional right to freedom of religion is the strongest defense one can present, and the one we stand a chance with with defeating our adversary in a trial before our peers. 

Reeferee respects its position in the industry therefore raising the bar in how our cases will be handled.

We believe in having multiple attorneys reviewing criminal cases, will bring expanded insight and multiple interpretations of the law. Most importantly we take pride in bringing the power of a UNIFIED PEOPLE.

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