Letter from The California Caregivers Union Directors:


The Union is proud to announce effective Dec,1,2007 we launched the Union to the public in Northern California district. The Public Service Announcements and advertisements have been distributed by The North Bay Bohemian, and Wine Country Radio, ( The Krush 95.9, 96.7 Bob.FM, and Y98.7 YOUR MUSIC). Those public service announcements were intended to educate the people in that geographical region of arrest stats and the total amount spent on cannabis arrest in our state thru the month of December. In reviewing our marketing momentum in the Bay Area, and southern California we see our mission is aligned with the people’s needs as intended, and now we feel the need to go harder to accomplish our 2008 goal. Notice has been served, and now its time to make it happen.

Our 2008 campaign will require work from powerful voices in our state. Power from the people, for the people. That means politicians will not get the job done! As history shows there are few politicians that stick to their word and we must remember we elect our representatives to represent us and our request are still being ignored. By Faith, and swift action alone is going to get us the people what we voted for, and what we’ve been asking for, to stop the war on drugs! Its been said the war on drugs is a war on the people and there is evidence of that today by testimony of who benefits from arrest and seizures from Cannabis Medicine and the people’s property and cash.

The Union has evaluated factors and possibilities that we may encounter a lot of enhanced charges due to probable cause of “cannabis odors” , and profiling “cannabis users”. Its easy to be stopped and questioned and once an officer assumes the individual has medicated or has no attorney to fight their case they detain, search and arrest the individual, or group. Over 90% of the arrest in this state happen regardless of real probable cause.

Now its important to understand that in this process more evidence is compiled against you to ensure you will not get away. With that being said, the rule is “fruit from the poisonous tree is not admissible in a trial”. So its safe to say we have a chance to make a bigger dent in this war, not only cannabis charges. With the BEST ATTORNEYS as Chief Counsel for the Union we can promise to all we have the best attorneys money can buy and the best possibility of a victorious defense team. The largest DEA bust in history was BLOWN UP and OUT OF FEDERAL COURT by our attorneys. Its also important to keep in mind that not a single tree is admissible in federal court, just as possession of any controlled substance in our state courts. Without the Union the people will have to rely on personal funds that most people need simply to survive, playing time against your funding.

Lets stand up and make a difference for the good of the people, our children, and the state we pay taxes to!

In our continued effort to serve the people the Union has decreased the amount for monthly dues to reflect the majority vote by the board of directors as well as the request of the people who desire such service but could not afford the previous amount.



Saturday, December, 8th 2007






































































"A Union of the people for the people, created to fight sides with the people"                             (The sick, the ill and the strong will withstand to the end, unified and fearless)

                                                                                                      501(c)(3) non-profit corp.
 Corporate Office 6765 Westminster Blvd Suite C, Westminster CA 92683

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