History and Introduction

The California Caregivers Union first began after a group of patients, Caregivers, and activist joined and compared what they believed the people really needed at this stage in the movement? What was not available to everyone? Protection!!! Now before we go any further protection means "the best defense team" available. Now clearly we'd need attorneys seasoned and experienced at the state and federal court level. We needed attorneys that had a track record on the front line with real hands on experience in the high profile cases in our state. Attorneys that new the technicalities, the steps forward, the set backs in the years since passage of proposition 215. **FBI STATISTICS** 46,600 MISDEMEANOR MARIJUANA ARREST AND 14,344 FELONY MARIJUANA ARREST IN 2006 IN CALIFORNIA ALONE.** THE CO-FOUNDER of the Union happened to be in that felony arrest count in that year. After being exposed to the truth by experience, he learned how the system and law enforcement truly operate as a whole. After being handed the largest return of medical cannabis in history, by liberal California court system, law enforcement and politics quickly took over. I guess now its time to unveil the obvious unstated but clearly understood "oh my God" of it all, Mr. ShaShon Jenkins happened to be African American. And to top it all off Tuesday, January 30th 2007, The Press Democrat (Associated Press) ran an article that circulated nationally "Santa Rosa Police Department refusing court order to return pot'. Yes the police were being law breakers themselves, and being called into court for possible contempt, for denial of a court order to return all property including 18lbs (really 19.7lbs) of medical cannabis to Mr. Jenkins. Their position, "they could not return it due to federal law prohibiting its use". From then the politics began.  At this time Mr. Jenkins and his clients he caregave for, and had a co-op garden with, prepared for their day in court. As followers of the law they thought they could trust the system, and its "honest process". "Justice will be served" right? You should be able to provide documentation supporting  you were in compliance with what your law is in your county, it should all work out, and go away,the way the law was set up. To protect the innocent law abiding citizens. Now in saying that we have to say Mr. Jenkins is a family man, and had a choice in spending money that his family survived on, or  lawyers that were free?  Otherwise trust the county public defenders office to work it through the system.

Well our public defender was the best for the job in her office, assisting with the successful dismissal of the criminal charges but falling short with a minor default in their subpoena request of complete medical records, in a Santa Rosa city attorney lead cover up hearing, to prove "lawful possession". By this time in the case the police, county/city/government being at a complete scramble for 19.7lbs or its equal worth at least "$60,000" as they put in their police report and newspapers. What was not mentioned to the public is the police attorney's and chief command staff offered to return 3 of the 19.7lbs claiming "they grossly over weighed the medicine"? That very same day prior to this meeting in judge Antolini's chambers the investigators of the public defenders office were denied the right to examine Mr. Jenkins property the police held in evidence. With so much at stake Amy Chapman could not get her boss to allow a continuance to have the doctor brought into court to validate the documents in question. Even after a judge in "open court" said "30 days to appeal and appear to continue the case". (By law a defendant is entitled to certain participants to a criminal proceeding to be remanded if needed to appear for court!) After working hard and being near victory she had been removed from the case. Mr. Jenkins and his clients left with one option, Appeal with private council. Thus heading to the attorneys that had WON A FEDERAL CASE RESULTING IN a 32,500 plant dismissal for Eddy Lepp, the attorneys that the marijuana "Guru" Ed Rosenthal used. The ones that are on the front line! And by that time it was to late for Mr. Jenkins Sonoma County had already swept the herb under the rug and the case as well. Mr.Jenkins got denied in open court, by Judge Lawrence Antolini, and further threatened if Mr. Jenkins personally paid these attorneys to defend him that the county would make him pay for the entire court process. Every penny they spent. (they, County Council) City Attorney, District attorney, the Judge (an attorney) the public defender and all other expenses accumulated. Private investigators, court assessment cost etc. So mr Jenkins new attorney's went to San. Francisco Appeals Court and filed their motion in the appeals court. The appeals court stayed the order to destroy Mr. Jenkins property, to a later date. (Note to all, the appeals court only reviews what happened in all prior court appearances and NO New Evidence can be accepted.) Resulting in the loss of the largest in history return of cannabis case on record and that we could have taken to the bank$$. We mean that by as a whole UNITED MOVEMENT in the advancement of medicine. After this setback Mr. Jenkins could have spent money on a civil case under "attorney malpractice" or do something that would benefit the people.  So for the details Google ShaShan Jenkins see the highs, the lows to understand you have a Union that has people with experience in this war!!. And now the INTRODUCTION TO WHAT WE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. What we know IS NEEDED TO STAND, defend AND ADVANCE! NOW ALL, CAN HAVE THE PEACE OF MIND KNOWING, THEY DON'T HAVE TO WAIT, TO GET PREPARED. WE ALL KNOW THE POLICE TAKE OUR MONEY WHEN THEY RAID and seize your home or property. YOU and I know the cost of a good attorney could cost 10-15-20 thousand dollars to start a federal case, with no cap to the dollar, till the case ends. State level still could cost you a strong 5-8 thousand or more depending on the professionals needed. SO NOW you get ASSURANCE by JOINING A MEMBER BASED UNION, A NETWORK OF THE BEST ATTORNEYS that are ready for UNION MEMBERS, SO WE ALL HAVE A FIGHTING CHANCE. IMAGINE YOU HAVING THE BEST PROFESSIONAL ATTORNEYS, THAT HIRE THE EXPERTS TO GET THE JOB DONE. *THE DREAM TEAM ON STANDBY FOR YOU WHEN YOU'LL NEED IT MOST.  WE Tip Our Hats to ASA the largest and the most powerful organization for the advancement of scientific facts of medical cannabis, and the largest company to defend patients rights. But there is a minor technicality to how and when they can use their money. In other words if the police ad an enhanced charge that is not defendable with a Dr's note like "child endangerment" to name one, you are left in the cold. So enters the UNION to join the fight with ASA, NORML, ACLU, SAMM, GREEN-AID and all the other non-profits to bridge the gap so government lawyers and police officers can't steal your right to posses and your right to cultivate your medicine.  WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE UNION. WE WILL STAND, IF WE FIGHT,WE WILL WIN IF WE TRY! 

"A Union of the people for the people, created to fight sides with the people"                             (The sick, the ill and the strong will withstand to the end, unified and fearless)

                                                                                                      501(c)(3) non-profit corp.
 Corporate Office 6765 Westminster Blvd Suite C, Westminster CA 92683

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