Is religious freedom Gods Plan? Why do we need freedom of religion, or freedom of conscience?

Jan, 3rd 2009 by Rev. ShaShon Jenkin’s


Since the beginning of civilization it’s been mans desire to seek out the higher power that created the existence of all we see, (God). We also have seen since the beginning mans need to rule over other men. The rich, the powerful have always ruled kingdoms and controlled empires with the strict control of religion. Known fact in Christianity is Christ himself was hated by the rulers of the land because of his direct connection to God almighty. They feared a fact that the Holy Spirit led his every step, and his every word.  

Ask yourself, if you wanted to control a group of people, God seeking people by nature, what would you do to control them, and once you gained control how would you remain in control of what they thought, or believed?


In my searching for Gods purpose for my life I have been blessed with a conviction and ministry teaching tolerance of religious freedoms to be apart of my calling. I’ve been taken down a journey full of revelations, and have retained knowledge of mans corrupt intentions to gain control of Gods people, by controlling how we worshipped God. I say this meaning, Rulers as we will call them figured out religion is the most powerful and precious thing we have. It controls us, what we do.  Here I plan to make my case on why God intended for man to be free to worship, free to believe. Also why in every instance when a man, women, boy, or girl is challenged or threatened by Rulers in their individual faith, no matter its doctrine, we have to protect and preserve our GOD given right, to seek, serve and worship God, as long as the their faith does not directly cause harm to another human being.

Our faith is what our mind believes to be real or true, absent the evidence of physical existence. (Example, Jesus died for our sins, rose from his grave, who so ever believes in him will be saved from damnation for their sins, and he will return for us to take us to heaven) That is something that has not been witnessed by you, so you would have to believe it to be true or fact, and retain the hope that in its belief and only by believing will it apply to you.

Imagine one who has no faith, never been given the opportunity to worship God, never heard of Jesus, never hears of some other profit who says they know god and their way is the right way. Is this person who knows no sin, lacks understanding of wrong, right, heaven or hell God, god, and any kind of soul saving measures, is that man free, in bondage, going to hell or just in the right position for God almighty to make a neutral assessment on ones actions, and give an even opportunity to enter into heaven? Answer to that question I guess would be according to ones faith, ones belief, and ones understanding of Gods intentions and options to enter the kingdom. In Christianity Only through the Son of God, belief in Jesus Christ and all his works, his entire walk, up to death, and rising again, and future return will you inherit the kingdom.

Question to ask yourself, If as Christians we are to believe in Christ and all he lived for, then we would have to be in support of religious freedom. Its plain and clear, either one knows Christ, or one who does not, will be given the opportunity to accept the faith at there time of judgment, given they didn’t willingly reject salvation at a predestined God appointed time on earth.

If a person is free to believe whatever they choose from the beginning they are neutral. Question becomes will they acknowledge there is only One God the creator of all that exist, as there is One time to live, and One time to die, there is Only One God. God gets complicated when people get religious and create multiple gods and interpretations from a belief of what god really is. If a person is left alone to roam the earth with Gods Spirit from where it originated (all life sources) and didn’t become subjected to the evils of control and power would they be free, to see God in every way, every place? Yes as God is the Creator of all things. God is in everything. God is in rich, God is in poor, God is in sick and God is in the health of all man. God uses life, and God uses death to impact ones life, to reach the soul, to sustain that individual walk

It’s a fact God uses things to sustain people in their walk with the almighty. God uses sickness to keep the connection with some, God uses weaknesses in others to keep them connected relying on the Only One God, to keep that connection. God uses wealth and strength for some to stay connected as they continually give thanks, staying connected. God uses anointing oil, with prayer, just as God uses anointing oil with other ingredients spices with prayer as we see in the records of the bible, and records of man. The Holy Spirit moves and operates under our willingness to submit to it. Gods will be done on earth. We need to know in some ways we only can hinder the way he planned but never change his outcome in the end. Gods will be done. From a revision to the word of God, the Gospels of the Old and New Testament, to the Holy Quran, Gods will be done in the end. Some people use mind altering natural herbs that by faith enhances their experience in getting closer to God, helping them receive the Spirit by letting go of the world, relaxing their mind during meditation and prayer offering worship sincere and genuine from their heart.   

Imagine you in your natural mind worshipping God. How sweat it is, how great it can be. Don’t you want everybody to get that feeling and experience God for themselves? Now we all have those times when life is on your mind, issues on your plate, and for some reason, you can’t break away like you want to in your prayer life or never have been able to accomplish what you want in creating a consistent prayer connection for yourself with God.

Maybe your meditation just doesn’t seem to give you that breakthrough you’ve been hearing about, and you are beginning to doubt if God is really there. You lack the connection; you lack the experienced interaction with your creator.

Here is where Gods freedom gets so great. It has been known for years that there are many different types of plants that serve many types of purposes on earth. We acknowledge that some plants are more dangerous then others and their purpose yet to be revealed from God to man, and we also know of other plants that for generations have been used safely and served multiple purposes, as man from God gained knowledge of its purpose and education on its uses.

In the Holy Bible, Old and New Testament herbs, spices, oils and incense are used as rituals of worship and healing. Depending on your region of civilization you would have available different native plants and herbs to use in your rituals or for medicine. Shaw men and priest serve as community liaison for the people and their health and connection with God. Depending on where you lived and the culture you were born into you would have available and use choice herbs in sacraments and in your worship.

Each plant has a compound, or odor that God placed for a unique purpose. Some plants relax you by altering your mind through ingestion, some smoked. While other plants give you burst of energy by altering your body’s natural way of function when metabolized in our liver. Some are extremely potent, and dangerous thus needing experienced administers of the sacrament or medicine to ensure safety. Some plants where known for serving multiple purposes in the community for health in body and spirit it can be administered by anyone one their own, in their personal time, spiritually, and medically and still be safe. Why we don’t have answers for all plants there are answers for the ones we have knowledge and experience in. We can say some assist mans illnesses, be it physical or spiritual.

God has given us many different ways to worship the Almighty, be it through song, through prayer and meditation on the word, or worship with ritual sacraments. No matter what method you use to become one with the creator we must become more tolerant to mans ways of seeking and reaching God. Remembering mans control will only hinder Gods full works but not change Gods plan. Deny God and God will deny us. Preventing others from finding and enjoying their way of worship that God gives them directly is considered spiritual bondage and should be the last thing any God serving person would do or tolerate. As long as it does not hinder the Love of God to flow, by causing harm to another person Gods spirit.  

Religious freedoms in America simply are protections on paper only if we as citizens don’t stand, and fight for every humans, ability to worship as their free spirit chooses, no matter the color, no matter the region, and no matter the doctrine.

As a person of faith, you are compelled to pray, and as an activist for Christ I’m compelled to act according to my faith in God.

Our actions are compelled by our faith, or faith tells us to practice love, and be tolerant of Gods full plan. Even though we are so sure of what works to sustain us at times, remain compassionate on what sustains others on their paths. If Religious freedom was not Gods will for us we would not be able as Christians to believe and profess our faith safely without threats of imprisonment. For we know every person walking needs to hear the good news of the savior in order to have a chance to accept it. Did we forget the history of Christians with the Roman Empire? Shall I remind you why they hung Jesus on the cross in the first place? Because he knew God Almighty for himself, he worshipped different from the rest, confessed and did what it was God set him out to do. Must I remind you that Christians were unwanted people that had their properties seized and families separated, imprisoned, forced to denounce their faith, even killed for their belief in the Messiah and Gods will for their life. Freedom means less control from people in power, and less interference in your relationship with your God.

It’s only Gods will for us all to have religious freedom, for us all to find God, as every individual testimony is a different song of Gods grace, Gods goodness and Gods calling on our lives. Our God has destined each person a different life, each a journey down a different path ordained different for a unique purpose, designed by our creator, GOD Almighty.

Each ministry to the agent of Gods choice, appointed by God, to serve Gods will to accomplish Gods purpose.

It is the job of us all to remain vigilant in fighting the fight of faith, by remembering if you give up on someone else’s right to believe in Gods purpose for their life, we essentially give up on Gods plan for the world.

No matter what choice you choose we all have to respect and protect Gods profits, Gods people, Gods will and Gods plan.

Preserve and protect religious freedoms.


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